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The Best Healthcare & Medical Provider Locator Software

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Healthcare organizations thrive on one key trait: efficient and dependable service. That means, as a doctor, clinic, or hospital, it’s key to eliminate confusion and provide easy, unfettered access.

One of the most important, yet most underrated aspects of this is the location search functionality on your website. You’ll want only the best software tool to help new patients find your locations. 

It only makes sense to consider the #1 platform healthcare brands depend on to get their clients from the website to the clinic or doctor’s office: Bullseye Locations.

With Bullseye, you can create a locator that offers fast answers, an improved online customer experience, and a reliable means of growing your business. Here, we’ll explain why this is so crucial, and explore several reasons why Bullseye’s superior location search functionality is a no-brainer for your web presence. 

The Advantages of a First-Rate Locator for Hospitals and Healthcare Brands

When patients need your services, it’s often a time-sensitive matter, if not a downright urgent one. Because health is a central priority in life, healthcare consumers are willing to waste little time to get the services they need. 

A Redpoint Global study conducted by Dynata showed that 75% of American consumers want their healthcare experiences to be more personalized. This extends into your website, and especially includes your site’s clinic and office location search functions.

healthcare profession using mobile store locator

Providing a bare-bones list of providers with contact information isn’t good enough. Your location search experience should feel customized, seamless, and easy to navigate for consumers in need. Bullseye is the tech solution that will help you create such a premium experience. 

Specifically, a Bullseye-built locator page for your healthcare brand provides:

  • A dynamic, mobile-friendly map that feels familiar and simple for your web users.
  • Detailed listings of your offices, clinics, or other types of locations your business offers, giving users everything they need to know before visiting.
  • The ability for your users to immediately get in touch with providers, closing the gap between their needs and the intake process.

What does it look like in practice? Here are 5 special ways Bullseye helps your healthcare brand meet consumer needs, while actually adding value to your online presence and boosting your competitive advantage:

1. Expanded Search Features for Consumer Convenience 

Convenience is perhaps the #1 factor that your potential consumers are looking for when they visit your website. Healthcare brands that put the user first, while keeping in mind modern digital trends and consumer expectations, will win.

According to a Harris Poll conducted for Tegria, 61% of U.S. consumers say they want engagements with healthcare services to be more like their customer experiences with brands like Amazon Prime, Uber, or Instacart. That means it’s to your advantage to construct a personalized, easy-to-use flow for your website, which is particularly important for users looking for a nearby medical provider. 

Bullseye has numerous features that will help prospective consumers feel like your website is a smooth, even pleasant tool to use: 

  • Geolocation detection. A Bullseye-built locator page can automatically determine where your users are and present them with a list of the closest clinics, without requiring them to type in their location.
  • Intuitive search filtering. Your locator can allow users to narrow down doctors and clinics by specialty, days and times open, years of experience, conditions treated, tests and procedures offered, and more.
  • Distinctive pin styles and map legends. Visual cues are important for clarity, which is why Bullseye allows for color-coded pins and a legend that helps users immediately choose the right listing. 
  • Patient reviews. Bullseye can source reviews from popular websites like Google and Yelp and bring them right into your locator’s listings, which helps users trust your brand.
  • “Send to phone” functionality. If your users are on a laptop or desktop computer, a Bullseye-built locator helps them send information to their mobile devices for sharing or navigation while driving.

Simply put, locator pages built with Bullseye put the consumer first. They also reduce frustration and improve the speed at which your web users can actually access the services you provide. The search capabilities, all put together, are a no-brainer for customer satisfaction.

2. Local SEO Profiles of Physicians, Clinics, and Pharmacies

How do your consumers find your healthcare services? Chances are, a lot of them are typing their medical concern or the type of doctor they’d like to see into a search engine…and they’re hoping to find trustworthy clinicians and detailed local clinic info.

According to statistics gathered by Digitalis from various surveys, 83% of patients use Google to find healthcare services, but 71% of web visitors lose trust in a healthcare website that fails to deliver sufficient information. Here’s where your brand as a healthcare facility can stand out.

Bullseye can dynamically create SEO landing pages for each location. This is big, because each of those pages can provide crucial info that customers want to know, such as trust-building clinician and staff bios, types of insurance accepted, what to expect for intake, consultations, and treatment, and much more. 

In addition, because these pages use popular search terms, your pages have a greater chance of being organically found by web users looking for the healthcare services you provide. Google searches like “functional medicine in [town]” and “urgent care near me” can lead users right to one of your offices or clinics.

Also, a key piece of information to include are provider reviews. In a study by Software Advice, 90% of healthcare consumers reported the use of online reviews to evaluate physicians. While Bullseye lets you include ratings within your locator’s listings, it can be a great idea to include more in-depth patient reviews and testimonials on the local landing pages that Bullseye creates for you. 

You can’t go wrong by giving today’s healthcare consumers more data to make informed decisions with — and Bullseye can help you do just that.

3. Generation of Leads Through Patient Inquiry Submission

Your web users might be interested in your services…but if they leave your website without you tracking them, even after finding one of your local offices or clinics, you’ll be in the dark about their experience and likelihood of coming back. 

In a Forrester Research study quoted by Hubspot, companies excelling at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% lower cost, making high-quality lead gen essential for business growth. How can you generate more leads and nurture them along an evolving customer journey? By using Bullseye’s key best-in-class lead capture capability.

stylized bullseye healthcare locator graphic

Bullseye lets you create an intuitive, highly-customizable lead capture form for your location search pages. You can use this functionality, for example, to let patients inquire about wellness screenings and immunizations. 

In requesting info from a clinic, users simply fill out the form and provide their name and contact details. From there, you can supervise their journey with the local clinic, pharmacy, or medical provider they visit…and follow up via phone or email to ensure they’re getting what they need.

The lead generation capabilities of Bullseye are crucial for building solid patient relationships and gaining insight into the performance of individual clinics and providers. As patient data is shared with clinics, you can give higher priority in your locator listings to those who convert more patients and earn top ratings — making your sales and customer service a lot more efficient. 

4. Next-Generation Integrations and Custom Solutions 

Growing healthcare brands need to leverage the latest digital technologies in order to scale up their operations. It’s important that the software solutions you use “play nice” with each other.

Fortunately, with Bullseye, that’s a given. Bullseye makes a wide array of integrations possible, which enables you to have more complete visibility into patient journeys and key performance metrics that matter to your business. 

For example, Bullseye natively integrates with top customer relationship management (CRM) platforms that are popular among today’s healthcare brands, like Salesforce and HubSpot. Integrations with these stellar industry-standard tools gives you complete supervision of patient journeys over time, including all touchpoints with physicians and pharmacies. 

Bullseye also integrates with top-tier email marketing platforms. Email, of course, continues to be an important conversion channel for brands in the health and wellness space. 

According to stats from Mailchimp, the average email open rate for the healthcare industry is 21.48% and the average click-through rate for healthcare email marketing is 2.69% — numbers which are slightly higher than open and click-through rates in other industries. Connecting Bullseye to your enterprise email solution will enable you to test and track effective messaging, and thus optimize engagement over time.

Finally, if you’re looking for complete customization of your location search capabilities, you’ll be glad to know Bullseye is built on a highly-flexible REST API. This will allow you to access troves of data you’ve gathered over time, connect new proprietary apps and solutions, refine your CRM integrations and create workflows that fit your specific use cases, and much more. 

To make a long story short: Bullseye is your #1 partner for more powerful digital operations and growth activities. Integrate leading software with Bullseye — which itself is in a class of its own — to become a smarter, more responsive healthcare brand.

To Scale a Healthcare Brand in the Digital Age, Use a Locator Software That Goes Above and Beyond 

Modern healthcare consumers know a merely good online experience from a great one. The latter involves forethought, first-rate digital capabilities, and easy access to the info customers need to get started with services in less time. 

The natural place to start is the software you use to display and list your locations, and there’s no better option for this than Bullseye.

As a locator platform built to support and power lead generation, Bullseye will not only help you get more of your website visitors to the doctor’s office or pharmacy…it will give them a comprehensive, seamless experience in the process, and enable you to retain more of them as customers. 

Don’t delay in putting your healthcare brand ahead of the pack. Schedule a free assessment of your current locator solution to explore the possibilities with Bullseye!