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Using Dealer Locator Software to Build a More Sustainable Business


Today, leading businesses increasingly understand the importance of baking sustainability into all that they do. Not only does sustainability help save the planet for future generations, but it also increases margins and helps businesses attract new customers.

According to a joint study by McKinsey and NielsenIQ, 78 percent of consumers agree that sustainability is very important. At the same time, incorporating sustainable business practices into your operations helps keep costs in check—it’s a win-win.

When most businesses think about sustainability, they think about things such as energy consumption, water usage, and packaging. One often-overlooked way to boost sustainability is by investing in modern dealer locator software solutions.


What is dealer locator software?

Dealer locator software is software that helps businesses and customers find the physical locations of authorized dealers, retailers, and service providers. These solutions are most typically deployed in industries such as construction and manufacturing, where products and services are distributed through a network of dealers or partners.

When you invest in a modern dealer locator solution, your business experiences several transformative benefits, including a stronger customer experience, more revenue, and increased profitability

On top of this, dealer locator software can also make your business more sustainable, something that’s increasingly important among environmentally conscious consumers and investors. 


Why does sustainability matter?

Think sustainability is something of a buzzword? Think again. Here are three key reasons why smart businesses are increasingly prioritizing sustainability initiatives.

Lower Costs

Sustainability reduces resource consumption and waste, lowering operational costs through efficiency gains and waste reduction. At its core, sustainability is a cost-effective practice that enhances the bottom line, strengthens margins, and creates a more resilient, financially sound business model.

Happier Customers

Customers are increasingly drawn to businesses that prioritize sustainability. Demonstrating a commitment to sustainability not only meets customer expectations but also fosters brand loyalty, attracting environmentally conscious consumers and creating positive, long-lasting relationships.

Better Impact on the Environment

Businesses play a critical role in environmental stewardship. Embracing sustainability minimizes carbon footprints, conserves resources, and mitigates environmental risks. By committing to a greener approach to business, organizations can help sustain a healthier planet while positively shaping their reputation and meeting social responsibility goals.


How can dealer locator software make your business more sustainable?

Dealer locator software delivers more value to customers, partners, and resellers alike. At the same time, it also helps you bake more sustainability into your operations. Here’s how.

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Dealer locator software helps businesses reduce their collective carbon footprint by minimizing the number of trips customers make to stores. 

With the right solution in place, customers can electronically send inquiries directly to a dealer and receive a response without driving anywhere. In other words, they don’t have to drive from store to store looking for an item that might not be there. 

At the same time, modern dealer locator solutions enable customers to search by category and product, which allows businesses to route them directly to the right store right off the bat. Additionally, if you keep store hours up to date and display them, you can ensure that customers only go to dealers at the right time and don’t waste a trip showing up at a store that isn’t open.

On top of this, dealer locator software enables customers to make phone calls directly from the locator before making a trip to the dealer, confirming product availability without wasting gas. Add it all up, and companies that deploy dealer locator software can help reduce customers’ carbon footprints.

Encouraging Local Sourcing

Similarly, leading dealer locator software solutions can encourage customers to go to the closest dealer to get the items they need. Rather than driving to a store they’re most familiar with that’s a few towns away, customers can discover new stores that are closer and bring their business to them. 

While these gains may be small on their own, when you add them up across your customer base for a year, they add up. And when it comes to sustainability, every little bit counts.

Incentivizing Partners That Prioritize Green Business Practices

Leading dealer locator systems also enable businesses to highlight partners and resellers that are making their own investments in sustainability. For example, a customer might be encouraged to support a dealer that uses environmentally friendly practices such as deploying an electric or hybrid fleet of vehicles or powering their stores with renewable energy sources.

As news spreads among partners, this functionality can help encourage other businesses to adopt greener business practices so that their stores are highlighted in searches.


Build a more sustainable business with Bullseye.

Investing in modern dealer locator software solutions can improve margins, increase competitiveness, delight customers, and protect the environment for future generations.

What’s not to like?

That said, not every dealer locator is the same. If you’re looking to accelerate your journey toward sustainability by deploying a new dealer locator solution, Bullseye can help. Request a demo today to learn more about building a more sustainable, more profitable business with Bullseye. 

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