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5 Ways Building Product Companies Can Get More Leads From Their Websites

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Your website might be a decent-looking storefront for your business…complete with a nice design, a list of your products, and some key company info. 

However, to maximize your site’s value, make sure it’s actually helping to build your business.

For building product companies, a website is a perfect vehicle for generating leads, a purpose that goes unrealized way too often. Even worse, a website that doesn’t capture leads could be undermining your brand’s competitive edge. 

Well over half of businesses claim lead generation is their number-one priority, so don’t get left behind as your competition catches on. Make sure your website traffic isn’t leaking out as lost sales opportunities.

Here, we’ll share 5 simple fixes you can make to generate more leads from your website. Implement them, and your site will become a valuable lead generation tool that will propel your company’s growth for a long time to come.

1. Generate Leads with Your Dealer Locator

Your dealer locator might sound like too simple a website element to worry about. It’s just the webpage that points your customers to the nearest retailer for your products, right?

Wrong! A locator can, and should, do much more. 

The right dealer locator setup will help you capture leads with ease. This is especially the case if your locator shows detailed, up-to-date information about dealers and allows leads to make inquiries right away. 

Fiberon executes this strategy well. When customers search where to buy Fiberon’s decking products, local dealers are shown helpful “Email Retailer” links.

fiberon local dealers screenshot

If your prospect clicks on such a link, it shows intent. Even if the prospect only wants to ask a question about pricing or whether an item is in stock, they’ve demonstrated that they’re possibly considering a purchase. Now, both you and the local dealer have a chance to follow up.

That’s the beginning of a lead generation process that can truly power your business growth — and this feature comes built-in with Bullseye Location Software. Bullseye builds user-friendly locator pages that double as lead generation tools. You and your dealers will both get valuable customer data as soon as prospects submit inquiries. 

Never again risk losing the most interested, ready-to-buy prospects! 

2. Implement Exit Intent Popups

As easily as web users land on your site, they can leave and go somewhere else. It’s possible to stop them in their tracks before they do, however, with a compelling offer. 

According to estimates, between 70-96% of website visitors who leave a site may never return. It makes sense to draw these potential leads back however you can.

Enter the exit intent popup: a powerful tool that offers prospects one “last chance” at a valuable exchange with your brand as they attempt to leave your site. The popup is a small offer that appears when a user moves their mouse outside of the browser window (or on mobile, when a user attempts to “back out” of your site or scrolls to enter a new URL).

Brava Roof Tile shows an exit intent popup to their website prospects, with an offer to receive a physical sample.

brava roof exit popup screenshot

Whether it’s a discount, a physical sample, or something else that grabs their attention, a good exit popup offer might just convince prospects at the last moment to give your brand another look. 

3. Create a Downloadable Product Brochure

Building materials buyers often face a plethora of options as they strive to make the best decision. To help them out, and persuade them to go with your products over the competition, offer a downloadable product brochure. 

A brochure like this is a type of “lead magnet,” or a piece of useful content that your leads can access by providing their name and email address. It’s also a great opportunity to build value and provide reasons to keep in touch. 

In brochure content, you can:

  • Anticipate and answer questions your customers might have as they consider and compare different products.
  • Highlight key differentiators and unique benefits your customers will get from your brand’s products (and nowhere else).
  • Provide visuals and details that give prospects a clear sense of how your products fit with their unique construction, renovation, or design needs. 

Heartland Pergolas features their downloadable brochure sitewide in the header menu. This allows any prospect to take a “next step” in learning about Heartland’s products, no matter where they are on the site.

heartland pergolas header menu screenshot

TruLog Siding has a product catalog they feature on their homepage and sitewide with a bold graph banner. The catalog is also offered in a box that is located on the blog sidebar.

fox blocks chatbot popup screenshot

By keeping your brochure visible and providing multiple opportunities for users to download it, you’re increasing your chances of capturing them as leads. 

4. Install a Chatbot

Have you ever visited a website to be quickly greeted by a chatbot offering personalized support? Chances are you have. Depending on how interested you were in the company’s services, you might have even typed in a response. 

Chatbots are part of the “conversational marketing” evolution, and with the wonders of AI, they’re getting increasingly powerful as business tools. They simulate human help by popping up in a corner of your website soon after visitors land, and asking in a friendly manner if the user needs anything. 

By simulating a live support agent, chatbots are a great way to instantly engage and capture leads. According to Drift, 55% of businesses using chatbots have generated larger volumes of high-quality leads, making chatbots important for bringing new potential customers into your business.

For example, check out what Fox Blocks is doing. When prospects visit the website, a helpful fox pops up on the lower-right corner of every page.

Chatbots like this allows leads to leave their contact information for more personalized help from one of your reps — a potential boon to your sales process, as you’re allowing the most interested potential customers to “raise their hand” for more assistance. 

5. Include Content Upgrades Within Blog Posts

When your web visitors read your blog, they’re looking to be informed. They’re likely very interested in the topic you’re writing about. 

Why not give them even more good info to chew on?

Do this by offering a content upgrade. This is content that readers of your blog can sign up for if they want additional insights relevant to what they’ve read. The upgrade can take the form of anything from a checklist or a video showing your products in action, to a series of creative ideas based on customer success stories. The possibilities are endless.

For example, if you’re a brick and stone supplier and you have a blog post on the 3 emerging trends in stone veneer exteriors in the local area, you could offer:

  • A simple brochure explaining the process for updating home exteriors, along with the pros and cons of each type of material.
  • A video from a happy customer, describing the process of choosing the product and the installation experience.
  • A cheat sheet helping homeowners figure out if they’re ready to make the financial and logistical leap for a new exterior. 

A content upgrade gives you the chance to be creative, while giving website visitors a reason to become leads. They get to continue the good experience from reading your blog post. You, on the other hand, get to follow up with them based on their express interest. 

Start Using These Tips to Boost Your Building Product Leads 

As the popular saying goes, there’s no day like today. You can immediately position your website to gain more leads by implementing the tips we’ve covered above. The sooner you do, the faster you’ll turn more site visitors into qualified leads and satisfied customers. 

The one tool in the process you won’t want to be without, however, is the right dealer locator software. Your locator is the digital bridge between your prospects and your local dealers’ cash registers. Ideally, it should help you collect lead information, supervise customer journeys, and attribute sales. 

The Bullseye Locator Software fits the bill. It captures high-intent leads with ease, meeting their needs while supplying your business with a detailed customer view. 

Bullseye also shows you which dealers are driving the most sales, giving you a solid competitive edge.

To see how Bullseye can bridge the gap for your online lead generation, schedule a free assessment of your current locator page today.

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