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7 Reasons Your Manufacturing Website Needs Partner Directory Software


Partner Directories are growing in popularity. You’ve seen them on technology company websites for several years. Now you are seeing them start to appear on manufacturing websites.

Manufacturers use partner directory software to highlight their partners and their partner’s work, and even to co-publish content with their partners. They come in diverse shapes and forms–contractor directories, installer directories, service locators, and more. Some are simple search engines that provide addresses and phone numbers. Many support photos, PDFs, and video content. And some are sophisticated content management platforms that can store detailed content such as implementations, projects, or solutions.

If you’re thinking about investing in new marketing technology or a rebuild of your website, or if you’re in the process of developing or optimizing your channel partner program, you might be considering a Partner Directory.

To help you evaluate if it’s right for your business, here are seven reasons why manufacturers are adopting Partner Directories.

1. Strengthen Brand Image

The strength of your partner relationships speaks volumes to potential customers. A strong community of partners makes it clear that your brand is well-established and worthy of trust. Seeing your products used successfully in various contexts helps shoppers to picture your brand in their lives, too. Partners are influential in customer’s belief that your solution can solve their problem, so everything you do to bolster partner relationships gives your brand a competitive edge.

2. Empower Customer Confidence

Partner Directories showcase your partners’ expertise and provide social proof that boosts customer confidence. As a result, customers get easy access to information and images from relevant implementations, so they can see for themselves how your local partner has succeeded on similar projects. Providing a modern, user-friendly digital experience transforms shoppers into informed decision-makers with easy access to trusted solutions. And as a bonus, selling to educated customers means you and your partners can rest assured that customers will be satisfied with your products.

3. Drive Sales with Visual Content Marketing

Processed faster and remembered better than text, visual storytelling is essential to customer engagement. Along with project descriptions, Partner Directories are ideal for hosting visual documentation, such as pictures that show how a partner used your building materials to construct a beautiful log home. Customers enjoy discovering your products and your partner’s capabilities, through visual storytelling. It makes it easier to learn and to trust that your products and partners can meet their needs.

4. Nurture Partner Loyalty

Partners promote the brands that support them best. Visitors to your website are a new source of leads for your partners, and a Partner Directory helps capture these leads. When you collaborate with your partners to create content that showcases their expertise, this generates more business for your dealers, and by extension, for you. And it strengthens the bond between your partners and your brand, which is integral to your business relationship.

5. Gain Competitive Advantage

Potential customers who visit your dealer locator are ready to buy. While traditional locators show prospects where the local dealer is, they aren’t built to engage customers. Partner Directories go beyond the locator, creating a modern customer experience that makes your brand stand out in a crowded marketplace. Use Partner Directories to showcase your strength in the market, your robust community of partners, and your product, to give prospective customers a reason to believe.

6. Generate More Leads with SEO

Links between your website, your partners’ sites, and search engine optimized landing pages increase your search rankings, and expose your products to new audiences. This is a highly effective way to attract new leads for you and your partners.

7. Scale Cost-Effectively

Partner Directories are easily deployed on a national or local basis with minimal administrative costs. Compared to other media, this is an extremely cost-effective way to market your products and your dealers.


Partner Directories Deliver Value for Manufacturers, Partners, and Customers.
Partner Directories give manufacturers a competitive advantage by delivering relevant content at the most critical moment in a buyer’s journey. These location-based publishing platforms make it easy and cost-effective to attract new leads, drive sales, nurture partner relationships, and scale your business. And the highly-engaging visual content they support boosts customer confidence and your brand’s value.

Check out these examples of Partner Directories in Manufacturing:

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