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International Store Locators


Bullseye has a host of features that support multi-country store locators. If you are an international organization with multiple worldwide branches, or a small manufacturer who sells products in only a few countries, Bullseye has a solution for you. Here is how we can help you with your international store locator.

Bullseye’s International Store Locator Support

Radius Support for over 40 Countries

Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Montenegro have recently been added to our list of countries that include radius search ability. For a complete list of the countries that support radius search please see Modify Search Rules in our knowledge base. For other countries, Bullseye supports country level searches. We can add others upon request, so please contact us if you need radius coverage for other countries.

New Territory Support for Germany, Australia, and Colombia

In addition to our US and Canadian territory search capabilities, we have recently added Germany, Austria, and Colombia territory searches. With a Web Premium subscription, you can assign locations to a territory based on States, Cities, or Postal Codes. This comes in handy for companies who have locations that cover strictly defined territory areas in these countries. Assign single or multiple locations to granular territories, and even combine radius with territory searches. Read Create and Manage Territories for more information.

Automatic Translation

Bullseye can detect the language of the web user and automatically display the international store locator in the user’s language. This default translation can be used on most locators. In addition, Bullseye provides an option for you to display a drop down for the user to manually select the language. This can be used for bilingual users or as a backup in cases where the desired language is not displayed initially. To setup the drop down option, see Add a Responsive Interface to your Site (look at Languages under the Options section).

Custom Translation

A Custom Translation subscription can be purchased for enterprise level store locators and locators that have category searches. A custom translation is required for categories, since categories are customized and vary for each client.

While the majority of our clients simply display the location data (address, contact info, etc.) in the language the data was entered, we can also allow companies to provide their own translations for data. Let’s say that you have dealers in Quebec, Canada that have location address information entered in French. For English speaking Canadians, you would want to have an English translation. The Custom Translation subscription allows you to enter alternate address information provided in English to those users. See Configure Language Translation for more information.

User Management and Multi-Account Subscriptions

Enterprise level locators often must satisfy the needs of international corporations with multiple branches worldwide. These companies require a solution that can handle complicated location management. Fortunately, Bullseye has features in place that can serve these demands.

Sometimes a company can’t allow all users who manage locations to have access to all locations. We can support location management for specific users and enforce limited access to certain data. Our Location Groups feature allows you to create users that have the ability to manage select locations within a single Bullseye account. You can also assign these users to specific geographic territories that are assigned to specific locations/dealers, or assign users based on category filters that have been assigned to locations.

There may also be a scenario where enterprises require multiple Bullseye accounts. If a company has multiple branches worldwide, they may need to allow multiple administrators to upload locations into separate accounts. A single account set up can be limiting. And if multiple administrators are uploading data, there is a possibility of data getting overwritten. A Multi-Account subscription remedies these issues. Contact us if you would like more information about Multi-Accounts.

To discuss any of the subscription options we’ve mentioned for international store locator solutions, please call Tom at 1-800-606-1415.

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