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What is the Best Storepoint Store Locator Alternative?


Large organizations like building materials manufacturers, franchises, insurance firms, and banks need a clear, efficient way to show customers where to receive services and buy products. 

This can involve using a series of simple Where-to-Buy pages, created by a store locator app or platform that integrates with the company’s website. A popular example that you might be aware of is Storepoint. 

Storepoint creates lists of stores, outlets, or dealers for a company with multi-location services. Storepoint’s landing pages integrate with existing website branding while providing some customization options. 

However, the question remains: is Storepoint the right option for your locator pages? Alternatives are out there and it’s important to outfit your web presence with the right locator software for your goals. 

Large, multi-outlet companies might ask:

  • Exactly how customizable is the software? Do you have full control over the look and function of your locator pages?
  • Will the app let you promote everything you offer through local dealers or offices, including events and custom deals?
  • Will the software help you generate new leads, as a real part of your online marketing toolbox?

While Storepoint is a good organizational tool, the answers to these questions are “no.” That’s why it’s important to consider an option that gives you all the above. 

Thankfully, the Bullseye Dealer Locator platform provides a seamless alternative with additional tools. Bullseye is a first-rate cloud platform that provides advanced customization, automated SEO page creation, and lead capture and nurture capabilities that other solutions in its category can’t match. 

bullseye locator graphic

Businesses needing a little more than what Storepoint offers should look at the value that Bullseye adds to their online presence. Let’s break down a few key advantages of Bullseye that make it the best store locator software alternative.

Bullseye Benefit #1: Dynamically Generated SEO-Friendly Local Pages

The most important function of a modern website is to give relevant, useful information to visitors. You’ll want a dealer locator software that can immediately provide just that kind of experience, as soon as someone lands on your site. 

This is where Bullseye excels as an alternative to Storepoint. It provides leads with a customized view into the dealers and outlets closest to them. It even creates an instant inquiry form that lets high-intent leads make immediate contact. 

SEO implementation is important for your locator pages as well. Up to 75% of search traffic goes to the top three listings in Google search results — and increasingly, those top spots go to “local intent” traffic. With Bullseye, each page integrates with Google Maps and is optimized with location-based SEO keyphrases, ensuring you’re set up for search traffic success. 

This gives you an unprecedented view into sales journeys, strengthens the bond between your brand and local offices or retailers, and gives you a level of lead-building, conversion-boosting power that other locator apps simply can’t match.

It gets better. Bullseye’s dynamic local pages stay complete and up-to-date with accurate location info, such as store hours and special deals. Bullseye accomplishes this through automated, scheduled data imports from integrations with XML files, leading CRM tools like Salesforce and HubSpot, and Google My Business. 

That means near-instant updates about local promotions and events that customers find exciting, and fewer headaches on your end trying to manually update changes throughout the year. In fact, it gives your partner locations the ability to update data on their own, subject to your approval. This takes the burden off of your company’s shoulders while strengthening your partner relationships. 

Finally, unlike many other platforms, Bullseye supports custom CSS and JavaScript. This allows your web developers full control over your pages’ branding while accommodating interactive web elements as needed. 

Bullseye Benefit #2: Lead Generation and Routing Capabilities

Lead capture is one of the key principles of digital marketing, and is consistently the top priority for marketers across industries. 

Without leads, you don’t have sales. If you don’t have a way to track those leads through the point of purchase, you won’t know how to nurture customer relationships, advertise to willing-to-buy prospects, or understand what’s building your bottom line.   

It’s disappointing that almost no dealer locator software is built to actually generate leads. Except for Bullseye.

man writing on glass

Hidden within Bullseye’s locator pages are lead capture mechanisms that harness valuable customer contact info. Once customers enter their information, the data is shared with both your local partner and your core business. 

You can then create custom email autoresponders to keep specific customer segments engaged, reminding them to contact a local dealer or offering helpful info that smooths the path to the sale.

This makes Bullseye a valuable partner for your business, above and beyond creating appealing locator pages. It gives you insight into lead generation and sales. It also helps you strengthen your bond with local partners, as you prove ROI to them and maintain high-touch accountability around sales performance.    

Bullseye Benefit #3: Scalability

Locator software for manufacturers, banks, insurance companies, and other large organizations should be able to meet the company’s needs at scale. Slowdowns and hiccups across hundreds, and potentially thousands, of online store, office, and dealer listings can start to hurt the customer experience — and therefore, sales. 

Bullseye shines as the best Storepoint alternative for scalability. It’s built on a full-access Representational State Transfer (REST) API. That means a more intuitive, more scalable, resource-preserving way to integrate with modern apps and make updates to your customer-facing locator pages. 

Bullseye offers support for an unlimited number of the following:

  • Filters, which can be used to distinguish and categorize dealers by services offered, items in stock, or dealer type (such as showroom or stocking).
  • Interfaces, so your business can create any number of distinct locator page styles, according to product line, audience, or any other designation.
  • Locations, so you can seamlessly update and list detailed info for thousands of local retailers as needed.
  • Users, giving any number of team members access to manage assets and make strategic adjustments to locator pages en masse. 

Another way Bullseye helps you scale is by supporting multiple brands and types of locators. For example, a building materials manufacturer can have separate locator styles for contractor, dealer, and independent representative lists. 

Bullseye also comes with built-in support for multiple countries and languages. This is important for large retail brands, franchises, banks, health systems, and building materials manufacturers that have a global presence. In practice, this translates to a better user experience. For example:

  • In multilingual countries like Canada, a user’s browser settings are automatically detected so the locator is displayed from the start in the user’s preferred language, be it French or English. 
  • In large regions like North America with diverse units of distance and measurement, American users will see distances in miles while Canadian users will see them in kilometres.

Other customization options improve your locator’s usability even more. You can highlight your best locations and partners by assigning them “Gold” status, and they’ll appear at the top when customers go to search. You can also show different customer segments different locator page stylings, filtering options, and offers unique to each outlet. 

For large and growing corporations, Bullseye’s scalability is unmatched. 

Bullseye Benefit #4: Advanced Reporting and Tracking

A locator software’s primary function is to create local office, store, and dealer listings, but most software tools fail to make these pages any more useful to your business.

Large organizations like manufacturers, insurance firms, and retail brands understand why it’s important to analyze online activity and tie it to sales. Without multi-channel attribution, you won’t know where to move your digital marketing and web development dollars.

man writing in notebook

Bullseye, hand-in-hand with Google Analytics (GA), helps you do these things. This combination of power tools gives you clarity on customer flow through your website…and ultimately to a local partner, dealer, or office.   

Utilizing both Bullseye and Google Analytics, you can:

  • Track customer behavior on your website, such as clicks on outbound dealer links and phone numbers, clicks on location email links, and manual location searches.
  • Understand what online ad campaigns, content, or other traffic sources are bringing prospects to locator pages.
  • Determine conversion rates from online and offline marketing efforts.
  • Produce detailed reports you can use to strengthen sales performance and optimize your local partner network.

Google Analytics and Bullseye lets you use third-party tracking pixels to continue following activity after customers leave the locator page. That gives you an even more refined understanding of user behavior, plus the ability to reactivate potential leads through retargeting ads.

The Best Dealer Locator Software is a Smart Business Partner… Not Just a Page Generator

Software for today’s large multi-location businesses should do more, not less. It should not only be the best-in-class when it comes to its primary task, but align with the best current practices in digital marketing and web development.

That’s what makes Bullseye the best Storepoint alternative, and puts it head-and-shoulders above other dealer locator platforms. 

It’s an intelligent system that dynamically creates targeted locator pages, helps you generate leads and follow up with them, scales along with your business and offers, and integrates with leading tools like Google Analytics for detailed campaign and sales reporting.

Any large manufacturer or retailer can use Bullseye to meet online customer needs, manage local partners and offices better, and run a tighter ship from anywhere in the world. 

To get started and see the possibilities of Bullseye firsthand, contact us today for an assessment of your current dealer locator page.