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How to improve local website SEO


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: the key to improving local SEO is through a vast directory of local pages for every dealer, retailer, contractor, installer, pharmacy, or store that carries your products or services.

Bullseye instantly pulls data to dynamically create local optimized pages with your company’s branding on the fly, no matter how many hundreds or thousands are needed.

Once Google users type in the phrase “near me” or similar, your Bullseye-generated local pages will bring high intent searchers to your website, where you can capture lead info for follow-up.

Another supporting tactic is localized blog content. Do some SEO keyword research to find out what topics your customers are interested in. Then, create localized content on those subjects.

For example, imagine you’re a roofing supplies distributor in Miami, Floria. You’ll want to be found by roofing contractors, so possible topics are:

  • Trending roof styles in Miami
  • Residential real estate trends in Miami
  • Pros and cons of roofing styles in Miami
  • Special wholesale deals for Miami contractors