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3 Types of Businesses that can Benefit from Local Pages


1. Building Materials Manufacturers

Building materials manufacturers are an ideal group who can benefit from implementing local pages with their store locator.  Oftentimes these manufacturers sell through installers who have worked first hand with the product.  For example, let’s say a homeowner is interested in having new vinyl siding put on the house.  It would be helpful if the consumer could see examples of the product installtions in action to get familiar with the product.

For example, a vinyl siding manufacturer can allow the homeowner to search for local installers with Bullseye. Installers can include content from the installations they have done with the product on local pages which can be accessed directly from the locator. Pictures, videos, descriptions, and other content can be included. Homeowners can browse through the content, and make an educated decision about which dealer they would like to contact.  

building materials store locator

Companies can capture qualified leads by optimizing the local pages for local search, and including a form for homeowners to fill out. They can start capitalizing on local SEO terms by indexing the local pages on Google (i.e. “Vinyl Siding, New Brunswick, NJ”).  Once the lead has arrived on the page, they can fill out a form to submit an inquiry to the installer via email. The more compelling the content is on the local pages, the more likely a lead will submit their information to the installer.  The installer can mark the lead as “followed up.” 

2. Medical Companies

Medical manufacturers who rely on physicians or physical therapy centers to implement their medical device for patients can also benefit from implementing local pages. 

healthcare store locator

Let’s take an example of a prosthetic leg manufacturer who has a network of practitioners who help amputees to fit the prosthetic leg. With Bullseye Local Pages, a physical therapy center can include relevant information on the entire staff within the facility to show the diversity of the available staff.  Including a biography for each staff member helps the patients to understand the capability of the staff.  

Pictures of the medical equipment available in the facility, along with videos, business hours etc. helps the patient to become comfortable with the facility.  Include a form for the lead to submit their information to the facility and the manufacturer can oversee the leads that go to the facilities, and even follow up with the facilities to make sure the patient’s needs are addressed.

3. Insurance Companies

insurance store locator

Insurance companies can utilize Bullseye’s local pages to encourage leads to submit their information to their brokers.  The brokers can include certifications, insurance products they offer (home, automobile, life, etc.) a biography, and any other pertinent information.

Bullseye also allows companies to include broker reviews to help consumers make an educated choice on which broker to choose.  A form can be included on each local page for consumers to submit their information, which goes to the broker in an email. The insurance company can track the leads that have been sent to each broker.  When the lead submits their information, they receive a branded email with the insurance broker’s information. 

Keep your Brand in Front of Your Audience

A locator with local pages and lead collection gives companies a way to keep their brand in front of their audience more effectively than a traditional locator.  Consumers interact with the brand by reviewing local page content and submitting their information to a dealer or agent.  They receive a branded email with information on the manufacturer and the product they have inquired about.  Dealers/Agents also receive a confirmation email so they know which brand the lead has come from.  By keeping the brand in front of both the dealers and consumers, the local page/lead collection approach helps companies close more sales.