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A Review of the Best Squarespace Store Locator Software


Congrats: you’ve given your multi-location business a chance to shine with a Squarespace website! The question, however: how are you getting customers to your stores?

Squarespace is a simple, user-friendly platform to build your website on, as more than 3.79 million users can attest. That said, if there are multiple brick-and-mortar stores and outlets where your products are sold, it’s important to add store locator functionality to your site. 

Creating a good user experience on your locator page is crucial for your brand’s growth. After all, it’s the page your web visitors land on when they’re ready to take the next step and buy.

There’s no shortage of options in Squarespace store locator software, but you’ll want to go with a high-quality app with features your business will benefit from in the long run. Here, we’ll share 15 store locator apps for you to consider:

1. Bullseye


If you want the most reliable, robust solution to integrate with your Squarespace presence, look no further than Bullseye

Bullseye is the #1 locator solution for any multi-location business seeking greater exposure and real-world foot traffic, whether you’re in retail, health and wellness, finance, manufacturing, insurance, or another industry. 

Why? Beyond offering easy-to-use, brandable location search functionality, Bullseye also comes with essential features to help you reach more prospective customers, give them a great user experience, and persuade them to buy your products and services. 

Here are just a few ways uniting Bullseye with your Squarespace site gives your business the edge:

Digital Marketing Capabilities to Propel Your Business 

The strength of your online marketing determines how well you’ll garner the attention of your ideal customers…the same folks thousands of other businesses online are competing with you for. 

If you want your Squarespace site to show up near the top when local prospects are looking for products and services like yours, it pays to go with Bullseye and its proven enhancements for digital marketing.

One of Bullseye’s unique features is its ability to create dozens of store profile pages, optimized with search keywords. These pages contain all the information your customers need to choose one local store over another, and can be linked to right inside your locator’s search listings. 

Stats gathered by Safari Digital show that 97% of web searches look for local businesses online, and 28% of local searches lead to a purchase. They’re tailor-made for SEO, so the store profile pages Bullseye helps you create are more likely to show up in Google search listings, right in front of ready-to-buy local prospects.

Bullseye is also able to integrate with leading third-party marketing tools. Beyond seamlessly connecting with your Squarespace site, you can smoothly integrate with your customer relationship management (CRM) app, email marketing software, and more to capture leads and follow up with them.

Bullseye’s support for Google Analytics and Tag Manager provides visibility into how your locator is performing — for example, how many phone number clicks you’re getting, and what kinds of searches that prospects are making inside your locator.

Customizability for a Strong, Consistent Online Brand 

Your online brand needs to be as consistent as possible if you want customers to feel an affinity for it, identify with it, and naturally spread the word. Bullseye is built to help you achieve this. 

First, Bullseye gives you the freedom to customize your locator’s layout and design with elements like your logo, brand colors, and font. This makes it feel congruent with the rest of your website, which is crucial for keeping wary online shoppers on task.

As far as the listings themselves, you can color-code each store listing, as well as show distinctive pins in the integrated Google Map that indicate your locations. You can also highlight local landmarks on the map to give your users an instant “frame of reference” for where your stores are in their neighborhood or town.

User Experience Features That Boost Engagement

A great user experience (UX) is everything when it comes to building trust with online shoppers. 

As PwC reports, 32% of customers would stop doing business with brands they love after only one bad experience! Integrating Bullseye with your Squarespace site, on the contrary, has a high likelihood of keeping your web users happy. 

For one, there’s Bullseye’s mobile-friendliness. Bullseye-built locators are responsive, and instantly resize to the optimal display for a user’s smartphone or tablet as needed. They can also auto-detect the user’s location. 

The phone numbers in your listings can be made clickable for instant store contact — and if a user is on desktop, they can send a store’s info to their phone quickly and easily.

Another key UX feature is Bullseye’s customizable search filters. Have stores with different amenities and added services, product lines, or pickup and delivery options? Just enter those as options in your search filters, and your web users can quickly narrow down the listings to the locations that will serve them best. 

A Bullseye store locator widget can also be added to your Squarespace website. With the widget, no matter what page of your website a user is on, they can quickly find the nearest store the moment they decide to buy. 

Detailed, Accurate Listings That Motivate Customers to Act

Today’s customers want all the info they need at a glance. Using Bullseye, you can serve up listings full of detail to meet their needs…leaving no doubt about the right location to visit. 

While you can upload location data via CSV or XML file if you so choose, Bullseye can also connect with Google Business Profiles, to automatically pull the most up-to-date name, address, and phone number (NAP) data for each store. 

Integrating Google Business Profiles can help keep your store info accurate at all times — a key differentiator, given that many online customers get frustrated with incorrect local business info, and will simply go to a competitor.

Bullseye can pull customer reviews from sites like Google and Yelp into your listings, to allow visitors to your Squarespace site to see which of your locations other users trust the most. You can also update store listings with promotions and local events. It can all make a huge difference in getting customers to actually visit a location and buy. 

If you want to take your Squarespace site’s reach and impact to new heights, Bullseye is the store locator solution to go with. Its power to engage customers, boost your brand, and scale your business is second to none. Schedule your demo today to see what it can do!

2. Squarespace Location Manager

Squarespace Location Manager

Squarespace has its own basic, built-in Location Management feature for up to 10 physical stores, that is available for Business and Commerce plan users. It can share store data with Google Business Profiles, and offers limited customization options.

3. Storepoint 


Storepoint is a well-known store locator solution that installs fast and offers a range of design options. You can quickly add new stores, enable filtering options by product, category, or tag, and let your users search locations by keyword.

4. Grappos 


With Grappos, you can leave the management of your store listings in the hands of the support team. The app puts an emphasis on a user-friendly interface for both administrators and web visitors. For your user-facing store locator, you can choose from a wide range of fonts, colors, and map styles.

5. Stockist


Stockist offers a simple mobile-optimized locator that you can customize around your website’s branding. It installs without complicated code, and you can import your location data in bulk via spreadsheet. 

6. Store Locator Plus

Store Locator Plus

Store Locator Plus can support a wide range of locations, while letting you highlight particular stores at the top and implement categories to help users to find what they need. It also comes with reporting features that let you review the performance of each of your listed stores.

7. Storemapper


Storemapper allows you to upload your store locations with a CSV file or through a connection with Google Sheets. You can use an intuitive dashboard to select a color scheme, change your map pins, and more. Uploading custom CSS files is another option for changing the design.

8. Prolo Finder

Prolo Finder

Prolo installs quickly and lets you add stores to your locator with a simple search functionality inside the dashboard, or you can type the details of each location in manually. The locator pages it creates are mobile-optimized, and you can customize the number of locations shown to web visitors. 

9. StoreLocatorWidgets


StoreLocatorWidgets lets you change the layout of your store locator in a simple layout editor. You can also add a store submission option to your site, which lets others add and edit listings. Support for multiple languages is included.

10. AIO (All-In-One) Store Locator

AIO (All-In-One) Store Locator

AIO Store Locator promises a high level of security for your business data. It provides a range of search options, such as zip code or place name, and its map allows users to reveal detailed driving directions in one click.

11. IWD Agency Store Locator

11. IWD Agency Store Locator

IWD’s Store Locator is a free store locator plugin that lets you create URLs for the stores you list, change store hours, and display store amenities. It’s cloud-based, which makes it easy to integrate with your site without coding knowledge.

12. JawgMaps BusinessLocator

JawgMaps BusinessLocator

JawgMaps BusinessLocator’s live editing feature lets you make changes to your locator on the fly. You can select from a few choices of pin design and color. It’s also possible to embed BusinessLocator on multiple pages of your site, depending on your needs. 

13. POWR Store Locator Plugin

POWR Store Locator Plug

The editor that comes with POWR lets you make instant live changes to your store locator page. Its locators are mobile-responsive, and you can customize several elements of the design. It’s advertised as scale-friendly for businesses that may add more stores in the future. 

14. ZenLocator


ZenLocator puts an emphasis on ease of installation. It has more customization options than some other apps, including a legend for location markers and the power to change your locator’s design with CSS files. It comes with search filtering features.

15. FindMyStore

15. FindMyStore

FindMyStore quickly serves up driving directions and embedded links to offers in your store listings. You can use a simple editor to make visual changes, and you can track some elements of your web visitors’ interaction with location links. 

Choose a Squarespace Store Locator That Actually Boosts Your Brand Sentiment and Sales

Setting up a location search page on your Squarespace site might seem like a minor issue, however, it’s very important to pick the right software. 

As a multi-location business looking to grow, you’ll want a Squarespace store locator tool that provides a feel-good online experience…one that leads prospects to visit your locations and actually purchase your products or services.

The best Squarespace store locator for this purpose is none other than Bullseye. It has all the responsive, user-friendly location search functions you’ll need. 

On top of that, Bullseye’s ability to boost your digital marketing, solidify your online brand, give customers a superior experience, and share distinctive store details can actually make a real difference in your lead generation, sales, and customer retention.

Want to see the power of Bullseye for your Squarespace site? Schedule a demo today!