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Why a Locator Should Be Part of Your Next Website Redesign


A website redesign should go further than creating a brand new, shiny look for your digital presence, or giving your whole brand a “facelift.” 

As a building material manufacturer, you want your website to be a real driver of business growth, so the most important upgrade is to integrate a best-in-class dealer and contractor locator. 


Why is a Locator Important? 

The right locator solution will help customers get to the cash register faster. You’ll forge easier connections between your dealers and website visitors who want to buy your products. By creating a direct pipeline of leads for dealers and greater convenience for customers, your bottom line will benefit. 

Building materials manufacturers often do not sell directly to consumers. Instead, they rely on dealers, contractors, or distributors. As your new website works to generate traffic and leads, make sure you have the right dealer and contractor locator to close the sale once users leave your website.

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Ready to turn your website into a growth engine for your building materials brand? Learn these 4 essential benefits of making the right locator software a part of your site upgrade. 


1. It Can Help You Capture Leads and Drive Sales

When potential customers come to your website, many will want to know where they can purchase your products. What better way to help than by allowing them to find the nearest dealer instantly?

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This is the promise of a great dealer and contractor locator software, like the Bullseye Locator platform. 

Bullseye, unlike many other locator solutions, gives you the opportunity to capture leads by allowing customers who visit your website to leave their name and email address when they are looking at your products. 

That way, you know a customer is interested in purchasing your products from a local vendor. It’s a perfect incentive for your sales reps to follow up via email, offer helpful advice, answer questions, and nurture a relationship that leads to sales.

If your website redesign includes Bullseye, don’t be surprised to find greater retention of leads who find your website via search, a better process for developing strong customer relationships, and an increase in sales. It’s a natural outcome of a premium locator that helps users find the products they need faster!


2. It Can Lead to Stronger Dealer Loyalty

Just like anyone who wants to stay in business, your local dealers want to be found in more places online. You can provide an excellent portal for them with the right locator software that provides this value automatically.

A premium solution like Bullseye allows you to funnel more leads to local dealers wherever your brand has a geographical footprint. Your state-of-the-art locator page will be the bridge that links customers to the right dealer.

Your dealers get exposure for free, meaning more foot traffic to their stores and more dings of the cash register. This will enhance their loyalty over your competitors.

Even better, you can prove ROI to dealers and elevate the highest-performing ones to “partner” status inside your locator — which will draw customers’ eyes towards preferred vendors. Bullseye lets you track the entire customer journey, so you can show retail partners that your locator solution is sending more customers their way and boosting their revenue. 

The result is an ongoing win-win situation for both your brand and the small local dealers you’ll be bringing value to.


3. It Will Boost Your Local SEO

If you’re making the effort to redesign your website, make sure it attracts more organic traffic from local search.

Fortunately, it’s easy to improve your local search engine optimization (SEO) by using a locator solution that’s built with SEO in mind. 

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For example, next to dealer listings in your Bullseye locator page, you can link to local SEO content that describes that specific product in their offerings, any special events or promotions they normally have, and other unique details that might be interesting to local customers. Bullseye’s technology makes it all possible.

Bullseye can dynamically generate thousands of local search-optimized content pieces, so you’re likely to see a boost in your search traffic over time. That means your website will be found by more people looking to buy your products in their city or town. 

And that means more sales.


4. It Will Improve Your Web User Experience

Web users are constantly looking for better user experiences from the brands they visit online. Since up to 88% of online shoppers insist they won’t return to a website after having a bad experience, this is an important point to consider for any web redesign.

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Make sure that user experience (UX) is a central part of your web design. As it turns out, a cornerstone of UX for a building materials brand is to have an easy-to-use locator page that eliminates distractions and makes it easy for customers to get to the nearest dealer, sooner. 

Bullseye assists by providing a dynamic map that helps customers gauge exact distances to local vendors, complete with accurate dealer information through integration with Google My Business (GMB). 

Depending on the Bullseye features you choose to implement, you can also make it easy for customers to see whether items are in stock at a particular dealer, tap a button to call a dealer instantly, and fill out a simple form to submit an inquiry.

This makes for a very easy, pleasant experience for anyone who visits your website looking to buy your products. 

Many homeowners who visit building material manufacturer websites are also looking for a contractor to perform the work for them. Showcasing a network of contractors enhances the user’s experience by delivering everything they need right on your website. In addition, calling out certified installers builds trust and assurance in the quality of service and builds brand rapport. Your company isn’t just there for a transaction, but you care about the customer’s experience all the way through project completion.

Bullseye’s advanced solution allows you to equip each contractor with their own profile page, full of project photos, reviews, expertise, availability, and more. These robust profiles will help homeowners pick the best contractor for their needs with the least amount of effort. A customizable lead form can instantly send products, budget, timeline, and project details straight to the contractor.

Bullseye lets you give dealers and contractors control over their own profiles to showcase their best work. Your partners will appreciate the free real estate on your website!


When Redesigning Your Website, You’ll Need a Best-In-Class Locator Solution

At this point, it should be clear why a good locator technology for your site is so important when redesigning your digital storefront.

That’s because your locator page can be so much more than a simple listing of your dealers. The right solution will capture leads, funnel customers directly to the cash register, improve the web user experience, help you forge stronger local dealer relationships, and boost your website’s standing in the search engines.

For all these reasons and more, you’ll want the very best locator solution integrated into your site. That happens to be Bullseye.

Bullseye is built to strengthen your lead gen and sales processes. It’s capabilities in creating faster customer-dealer touchpoints, nurturing leads, building stronger SEO, and more, will make your site more valuable to your business. 

To ensure you’re redesigning your website the right way — and adding some sales-boosting power along the way — schedule a free assessment today of your current locator solution.