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The Top 13 WordPress Store Locator Apps in 2023


If you want to grow sales for your retail brand, you need a marketing strategy that not only educates consumers on why they need your products, but it also makes it easier for them to find those products locally. 

This is a good reason why your website needs a store locator page.

If your website is powered by WordPress — like 43% of all websites, according to W3Techs — there are lots of software options for creating and managing a store locator. From simple map-building tools to plugins that can help your business grow, the options we’ll show you below offer a wide range of functionality and features. 

Here is a list of our favorites:

1. Bullseye

Bullseye - WordPress Store Locator App

Bullseye’s plugin for WordPress is in a class by itself. It stands alone as the #1 option for creating beautiful, responsive store locator pages. However, it can do a whole lot more to help you build your brand. 

The Bullseye WordPress app is a cloud-based plugin connected to the powerful Bullseye platform. It brings to any WordPress site owner a plethora of state-of-the-art features that can close the gap between your customers and the point of sale.

Here’s just some of what Bullseye’s premium WordPress plugin offers:

Sales-Boosting Capabilities that Raise Conversions and Your Online ROI

With Bullseye, you can just as easily display a handful of retail locations or host a full directory of stores and franchises on your WordPress e-commerce site. There are practically no limits when it comes to driving customers to the right local brick-and-mortar outlets for your brand. 

You can customize location content with upcoming sales, photos, event details, service descriptions and more.  You can even promote events to drive event signups, product awareness, and urgency, as well as send more foot traffic to local stores. 

From live product demos to book readings and workshops, events are a great way to engage local audiences and promote your brand in specific areas. According to a joint survey by the Event Marketing Institute and Mosaic, 74% of customers say they’re more likely to buy products that were promoted at an event they attended. 

In addition, Bullseye can generate detailed reports that allow you to spot the best opportunities for geotargeting.

Product promotions are easy with Bullseye as well. Use the WordPress plugin to publish product coupons on your site, right on the pages where customers are most likely to be in a buying mood.

Design Features for an On-Brand, Congruent User Experience

When it comes to maintaining a consistent experience with your brand — which is especially important if your WordPress site is a high-traffic online entity that lots of customers have come to know well — Bullseye has you covered. 

First, Bullseye comes with four fully-customizable store locator templates. All you have to do is select your favorite, then customize the overall look and feel to align with your brand.

In addition, all Bullseye maps are fully-customizable and have responsive, mobile-friendly designs. You can customize elements such as map pinpoints to add some branded flair. Set up custom search rules to further refine the experience for users who are looking for specific product lines from retailers who have them in stock. 

You’ll also be able to add helpful details to your maps, such as store hours and thumbnail images. This gives customers key data they’ll use in a snap when making buying decisions. 

An Array of Technical Features to Help You Meet Business Goals

No developer skills are needed to set up and manage the Bullseye plugin. It works seamlessly with WordPress, and can automatically inherit styles from your WordPress theme. It takes only one click to add a store finder page to your website.  

However, if you have a software engineer who can create custom solutions for your business, or you’re more technically-inclined yourself, Bullseye has special powers that are just waiting to be tapped into to enhance your online presence.

Bullseye easily, seamlessly integrates with software like Google and Apple Maps, Google Analytics and third-party tracking pixels. Its full-access API lets you create custom workflows and synchronize data for unique marketing solutions.

You can also generate locator shortcodes to insert on select pages of your website. Drive sales with an embedded, filtered list of locations on your WordPress site’s product pages, for example, which high-intent prospective customers often view the most. From there, you can mix in online retailers to fill in any gaps and give customers the best options for making purchases.

Data Management Heft for Brands Ready to Scale 

If your business is booming, the Bullseye WordPress plugin can help you keep up.

Bullseye’s bulk data management tools allow complete, flexible control of data for all your locations using either files in CSV or XML format or third-party integrations. For updates, Bullseye’s search filters can help you parse locations by name, location, category, or status, at which point you can apply changes quickly across the board. 

Thanks to cloud-based location management and hosting, all Bullseye content is available via API to other outlets, whether they be social media, mobile apps, or advanced business-critical software platforms. Simply put, this means less content management on your end, since it’s easy to repurpose content on any number of channels, whenever you choose.

The Bullseye store locator plugin for WordPress offers a free 14-day trial and comes with many add-ons to help you achieve all your business goals. Schedule your demo today to see the difference it can make!

2. Yoast Local SEO

Yoast Local SEO

The Yoast Local SEO plugin for WordPress allows you to optimize your site for multiple physical locations. Simple CSV file upload functionality lets you add location data easily. Users can then filter the fully-responsive store finder page based on a variety of search criteria, such as radius and zip code.

3. WP Maps Pro

WP Maps Pro

The WP Maps Pro store locator plugin lets you easily add multiple customized maps to your WordPress site. It allows you to change map types and design elements through a useful design settings page. Location data for physical locations can be imported and exported via spreadsheet.

4. MapifyPro


For WordPress site owners needing more customization power, MapifyPro allows the creation of maps similar in look and feel to Google Maps, but with complete freedom of choice in your background and map pinpoint images. It also allows you to link to third-party sites like Yelp and blog posts to enhance map locations.

5. Locatoroid


The Locatoroid WordPress plugin automatically adds a geocoding feature to maps after they are created. It features custom map styles, as well as language translation functionality. The plugin features REST API endpoints and shortcode parameters that lets users modify locations through other applications.

6. WP Multi Store Locator Pro

WP Multi Store Locator Pro

The WP Multi Store Locator Pro plugin adds fully-functional, responsive maps with custom markers and clustered locations to your WordPress site. 

A variety of templates, design options, and color choices let you fully customize each map. Enhanced map details allow users to easily search nearby stores and get driving directions.

7. MapSVG


MapSVG is a WordPress store locator plugin that allows map users to search for nearby locations and filter them by distance, type, and more. 

You can add custom fields to produce new search criteria. The plugin comes with customization tools and drawing features that let you create unique maps.

8. WP Leaflet  

WP Leaflet

WP Leaflet is an open-source WordPress store locator plugin that allows users to create customized maps using the OpenStreetMaps API, MapBox Maps, Mapquest, or Bing API. You can create custom filters and lists that can display under each map, and you can choose to show results in either a responsive grid view or list view.

9. Super Store Finder

Super Store Finder

The Super Store Finder for WordPress integrates with Google Maps API to offer fully customizable, responsive maps. Easily manage store locations, tags, categories, colors, labels and more. The plugin’s maps have a full-screen feature that lets users see locations in Street View.

10. WP Go Maps

WP Go Maps

Formerly called WP Google Maps, WP Go Maps offers free and paid versions. The free version is easy to use and lets site owners add a customized Google map with unlimited markers. While lacking many business-building features, the point-and-click setup makes it easy to use for WordPress site owners with limited time and technical skills. 

11. SimpleMaps


The SimpleMaps plugin for WordPress websites lets you upload and edit map details using spreadsheets or simple text files. Its maps are responsive and automatically detect the type of device the visitor is using. 

Other features include intuitive zooming, customizable location markers, and mobile-friendly map popups.

12. Agile Store Locator

Agile Store Locator

The Agile Store Locator plugin for WordPress lets you choose from among 5 themes with multiple color scheme options. Maps support multiple languages and allow several customizations, such as the ability to only view locations that are open at the time one is searching. 

13. Store Locator Plus

Store Locator Plus

Store Locator Plus works on a variety of website platforms including WordPress. It supports thousands of map locations and lets you add as many location categories and territories as you choose. Depending on the product tier you choose, you can use the plugin’s GPS location sensor to automatically detect your visitors’ locations.

Which WordPress Store Locator App Will Meet Your Online Business Needs?

There are lots of WordPress plugins that can add maps to your e-commerce store, but there’s only one comprehensive solution that can help your customers find your locations and your products — while also closing the loop on digital marketing and sales. 

The solution is Bullseye. The Bullseye WordPress plugin has all the features you will ever need from a store locator solution, along with powerful design capabilities, seamless integration with today’s top business software, and the ability to help you drive more leads and sales. 

If you’re ready to see the Bullseye difference, schedule a free demo today.